Call quality monitoring in safe hands

IDT's calls we carry are in safe hands

Ensuring billions of quality minutes for our customers.

When a company carries many billions of minutes of calls to over 170 countries each year, there’s a world of challenges to overcome – every day.

Those challenges could be anything from something as minor as static on a line through to outages and disconnections caused by a trawler pulling up an undersea cable – not to mention the constant threat of phone fraudsters.

Call quality monitoring second to none

So for us, the quality of calls that our own retail customers, as well as our network operators’ traffic that we carry, deserve and demand is a top priority. In fact, it’s our aim to identify and solve issues before they even become aware that there’s a problem.“We believe we provide a unique level of call quality monitoring – we don’t know of any other company in the industry that monitors calls so assiduously,” said Carl Swain, a product analyst for IDT’s Platinum service, who works on the IDT Quality Management Team.

His highly-skilled team have a three-pronged approach to ensure the quality of calls that IDT carries, is as good as it can be:

  • CSG Assure often known as Ascade – the industry standard
  • i-Test – an alternative system
  • TrunkMon – IDT’s own proprietary reporting and analytical software which flags up when there are drops in quality when compared against pre-determined thresholds.

“Whatever our customer’s requirements are, we want to deliver excellent quality of service and spot any problems before there is even a customer complaint,” said Carl.

We do this through stringent scheduled testing against carefully developed KPIs – across our Platinum service and we regularly test nearly 1000 route locations from A to Z.

“We have created thresholds for every single location, for both peak and off-peak times, and if any of our carriers drops below those thresholds, they are immediately flagged”. said Carl.

“That means we can immediately investigate, and almost instantly create a solution before the customer notices any issues.”

Ascade can test any location that is on their system and force calls to any IDT supplier for several different types of testing.

“We also use i-Test as an addition because they test to a wide range of numbers, which gives our customers extra confidence,” said Carl.

Swift customer service

Making sure most issues are resolved for customers before they become problems has helped us into our esteemed market position.

However, with billions of call minutes each year passing through our system, there are inevitably incidents that do cause complaints.

If so, they contact us by phone, email or through our customer portal, and a smooth recovery swings into operation.

Andrew Redman is the Carrier Support Team supervisor, and his experienced team in USA, London, Singapore and Hong Kong are in the front line when customers need help.

“We’ve grown our skill levels so we can handle many issues inside our own team,” said Andrew. “However, we do work closely with other IDT teams such as engineering, the country managers and market makers.”

When a customer calls for help, Andrew’s team get on the case immediately.

“We do an initial investigation into their call records and see if we can replicate the issue,” said Andrew.

“We can access IDT records within the hour, far quicker than some companies – some take days – which means we can give a swift response.”

Fraud damage limitation

A growing part of the team’s role is to guard customers against fraud.

“There are some ingenious scams out there,” said Andrew. “Customers don’t know until the fake charges show up on their bill.” Our constant vigilance means unusual patterns in a company’s calling records create alerts to warn of potential fraud.

Like quality management, fraud prevention is a vital function that is crucial to customer satisfaction, but which customers seldom notice.

Carl and Andrew say their teams are happy to be unsung backroom heroes.

“The less our customers get to know us the better – it means we’ve headed off any issues before they have even noticed them,” Carl said.

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