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IDT VoiceHub – creating real value on the voice minute

As we all know within the international voice industry, it’s in a little bit of trouble.  Revenues are decreasing and margins are so razor thin that it’s a challenge for network operators to see value in the international voice business.  In addition, how core is international voice for network operators all over the world, given their focus is to ensure domestically that their network runs at capacity and ensure that its subscriber base is increasing?

The move to IP technology removed one of the barriers to entry into international wholesale voice. As a result, mobile groups are establishing their own interconnects and interconnecting to other groups.  And we all know the impact of traffic migrating away to OTT apps and the like.

The knock on effect of this will mean wholesale companies will fold or consolidate, leaving fewer carriers in the market and those networks that see international voice as a non-core service, means there is little desire to invest in that part of their business with such small margins.

IDT – an originator of the retail minute

So how is IDT Carrier Services dealing with this situation, given that we only carry international voice traffic?  As most of our customers know, our network reach is already global with 600+ direct connects and 430+ CLI-certified routes.  In terms of volume, we carry 28billion minutes annually, with a large percentage these minutes generated through IDT Telecom’s own retail brand, BOSS Revolution.  The volume of our proprietary retail minutes allows us to provide unique buying and selling opportunities for operators worldwide on the wholesale side. Contrary to industry trends, our minutes have actually grown for the last four quarters.

We also offer a portfolio of quality termination, have extensive fraud management tools and we continue to invest by optimizing our systems, automating our operations and modernizing our network for voice traffic.  One recent example of this was the launch of our BOSS Revolution MVNO in the US – which will continue to generate even more international retail minutes to deliver on to our customer’s networks.

Introducing IDT VoiceHub

Our latest offering within the carrier space is our recently launched IDT VoiceHub, specifically designed for any telecom operator with inbound or outbound international voice traffic that wishes to leverage IDT’s resources and expertise to boost their operating and financial performance. It offers a portfolio of outsourcing solutions to address the specific circumstances of an operator based on region, volumes and routes.  Different solutions include:

  • Hybrid arrangement where an operator wishes to retain certain routes or customers directly while optimizing the rest of their business and IDT would simply manage a subset of destinations, for example regional or long tail.
  • Managing the inbound traffic flow, minimizing grey routes, bypass eradication
  • Managing the inbound and outbound traffic

Whatever model you consider, the benefits are plentiful.  Whether it is positive EBITDA level improvement, minimizing your investment to avoid arbitrage, fraud QoS issues, and capex; minimizing grey routes, bypass eradication etc, the list goes on.

Leverage an international voice specialist

We have the global reach, the minute volumes, the network and the expertise to be able to achieve financial stability for your international voice business.  As we are an international voice specialist that generates our own retail volumes as well as diligently carrying voice traffic from fixed and mobile operators the word over, all our investment and infrastructure is solely based around voice, and we have a long-term evolution roadmap to ensure we remain relevant for our customers worldwide in carrying their voice traffic.  Operators can simply tap into our infrastructure and work together to enhance profitability and future proof their voice business as the industry evolves.  We’ll take you with us on that journey.

We understand how your business operates in the complex world of international voice traffic, as that is what we do.  In an industry where we all need to be open to new ways of partnership to sustain a profitable voice business, we would be delighted to work with operators and their carrier teams to explore an outsourcing model that is right for your business.

IDT VoiceHub.  Scale you can trust.

If you would like to discuss IDT VoiceHub with a member of my global team, please do not hesitate to contact us.